A ready to use example of Car2DB API implemented with PHP using Curl.

  1. Clone repo from GitHub:
  2. Send email to and ask for API_KEY (access key for API).
  3. Insert the API_KEY in sample.php and run it.
  4. Write your script to interact with the API based on example.

Specification Car2DB API

Form example Car2DB implemented with PHP

Form allows to select Make > Model > Generation > Series > Trim > Equipment.
Data is loaded via ajax, form code on PHP without using frameworks.

Setup access to the database in db.php

Download example

Thanks to Andrew Webix.

Autobasebuy module for Yii1 framework

Installation guide

  1. Download the module autobasebuy for Yii: Download
  2. Unzip to folder /protected/modules/
  3. Add module to your application configuration:
    return [
        'modules' => [
  4. The module view (interconnected lists) will be available at:

Autobasebuy module for Laravel

Install repo:

Thanks to Anton Kartsev.

MySQL DB import

Instructions for database installation to the server.

  1. Purchase our database.
  2. Download the MySQL dump with link in the email.
  3. Unzip database.
  4. Upload unziped .sql file to the server via FTP or another way.
  5. Connect server via SSH and change path to the folder with uploaded .sql file.
  6. Run import script:
    mysql -uUSER -pPASS BASE < xxx.sql
    USER - database user name in MySQL
    PASS - user`s password in MySQL
    BASE - database name in MySQL, where the data will be inserted
    xxx.sql - uploaded .sql file name with database


Other databases